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Burnett on Markets: Global grain stocks offer false sense of food security

In event of production shortfall, 60 per cent of available stocks would never be available to market

The economic parallels from the COVID-19 epidemic are quickly changing from comparisons to the recent financial crisis in 2008-09 to the Great Depression. My parents and grandparents lived through the Depression and it did have many impacts on their everyday lives. The main symbol of the Depression-era mentality was the two enormous chest freezers in […] Read more

You’re not alone — resources for dealing with stress

Here are some of the resources available if you, or a loved one, are experiencing undue stress: Alberta Mental Health Help Line 1-877-303-2642 This toll-free helpline provides confidential advice and information on mental health services 24 hours a day. Community Mental Health Clinics These clinics provide voluntary clinical community-based mental health services to individuals of […] Read more

With each bank of clouds that roll by without giving up any moisture, the stress caused by drought builds up.

Stress could be taking its toll on you — know the signs

Withdrawing, not wanting to eat, and constant worry 
are all signs of stress that could lead to more serious issues

In tough times — like this year’s drought — stress can creep up on you. So take a moment to think how your friends and family are holding up. “I really encourage people to notice what other people are doing when it’s stressful like this. You may need to look after each other a bit […] Read more