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Horses fed diets with too many sugars and carbohydrates and too few long-stem forages are at risk for ulcers and other digestive issues.

Gastric ulcers in horses

Horse Health: This malady is part of a much bigger problem

Reading Time: 4 minutes Recognition and medical treatment of gastric ulcers in horses has been well established for many years now. Initially veterinarians thought ulcers in the digestive tract of the horse were limited to the stomach or gastric mucosa. This was a logical conclusion since the presence of the open ulcers in the stomach could be diagnosed and […] Read more

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Top tips for feeding for rumen health

Cattle — and microbes in their rumens — need a consistent supply of both 
dry matter and nutrients to improve performance and reduce digestive diseases

Reading Time: 3 minutes Cattle feeders aren’t just feeding cattle — they’re also feeding the microbes that live in the rumen. And those little critters are picky. “Regardless of the production system, the challenge that we face is variation in dry matter intake and total nutrient intake,” said Greg Penner, assistant professor of animal and poultry science at the […] Read more