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Antimicrobial use in livestock under the microscope

Expert says ‘there definitely is a chain’ connecting farms to the rise in antimicrobial resistance

Reading Time: 4 minutes Antimicrobial resistance is like a forest fire — because only you can take steps to prevent it. Think about resistance every time you use antimicrobials, producers were told during Alberta Pork’s latest telephone town hall. “Any single time one of us uses an antimicrobial, we are tipping the scales toward resistance, said Dr. Leigh Rosengren, […] Read more

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Antimicrobial resistance in livestock a global threat: WHO

Resistance is developing because of farm use of antimicrobials

Reading Time: < 1 minute While Canadian farms haven’t been shown to be a source of bacteria resistant to human medicines, tests at abattoirs have found up to 70 per cent of bacteria are resistant to tetracycline, says veterinarian and consultant Dr. Leigh Rosengren. That shows resistance is developing because of farm use of antimicrobials. And that’s a major concern […] Read more