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Kevin and Tammy Pelonero and daughters Rebecca and Addison with Heidi 
(the Clydesdale on the left) and Josephine (a Percheron).

More and more people falling for the gentle giants

Reading Time: 3 minutes They’re the heavyweights of horses, but their beauty and their brawn has kept them relevant in the ever-changing world around them. Draft horses, whose value was recognized by even Julius Caesar, continue to turn heads and generate business opportunities in the 21st century. A young central Alberta couple is among those farmers who see a […] Read more

Bright future ahead for equine icons

Reading Time: 1 minute They’ve got a rich past, but draft horses also have a bright future. And that was plain to see at the recent World Clydesdale Show, said Bruce Roy. “It blew me out of the water,” said the Cremona horseman. “It was the greatest livestock show I’ve ever been to. Spectators had to be turned away […] Read more