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Plants that don't get enough moisture are usually stunted and set seed early.

Don’t let those drought-stressed forages go to seed

You won’t get a lot of hay from that first cut but it gives you a chance of getting a second one

Reading Time: 2 minutes Determining the right time to cut a hay stand could mean the difference between harvesting a second cut or the stand becoming dormant, says a provincial forage and beef specialist. “A lack of sufficient moisture stresses plants, and that is certainly apparent this spring,” said Karin Lindquist. “Plants that do not get enough moisture are […] Read more

Spider mites have been damaging more ash and poplar trees this year.

Keep watch for drought stress in trees, says specialist

Toso Bozic said several pests are adding to the stress on 
trees this year, and recommends weekly monitoring

Reading Time: < 1 minute Recent dry conditions are putting a lot of pressure on trees, says a provincial woodlot extension specialist. “It’s an invitation for insect and disease problems, not just for this year, but for upcoming years as well,” said Toso Bozic. There are several insects to keep an eye out for. “Yellow-headed spruce sawfly has been a […] Read more