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Questions remain over heat’s impact on 2018 yields

CNS Canada — Harvest came early for some crops in Western Canada this year. A few canola crops in Manitoba are already in the bin as warm temperatures and a lack of rain helped growers hit the fields quicker than other years. However, a hot and mostly dry summer on the Prairies has left many […] Read more

Durum wheat. (

Demand for North American durum now a balancing act

CNS Canada — North American durum prices are teetering on an edge and could tip higher or lower as the balance between producer selling and demand fluctuates, one U.S. analyst says. Canada’s production came in lower than expected due to drought during the growing season, which propped up durum prices, despite wheat’s global supply glut. […] Read more

French durum player on fact-finding tour of Canada

Saskatchewan durum growers may have an unexpected visitor this summer. Since early May, Quentin Renault has been visiting farmers in Saskatchewan’s durum basket as part of a two-year study into Canadian durum. Renault is a development officer with Durum SAS, a French company that markets French durum. Durum SAS also buys Canadian durum as needed […] Read more