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Opportunities abound in horticulture, says provincial specialist

The financial startup costs are typically lower and a host of information resources is available

More people are interested in a career in agriculture these days and horticulture offers many opportunities, says a commercial horticulture specialist. “Increased interest in local production as well as the desire to know where and how food is grown means more people are looking to get into agriculture and primary production,” said Dustin Morton. Horticulture […] Read more

Greenhouse growers have new fact sheet on integrated pest management

A new fact sheet is available to help greenhouse growers with their integrated pest management programs. “By taking appropriate steps, such as the ones outlined in this new publication, greenhouse growers can ensure a quality crop and a reduction in pest-related problems during the growing season,” said commercial horticulture specialist Dustin Morton. Entitled Greenhouse Sanitation, […] Read more