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Kevin Ziola used ALUS funding to create year-round watering systems he uses to help conserve 
the creek/wetlands on his operation near Sylvan Lake.

Doing the right thing — and getting paid for it

ALUS program shares 
cost of stewardship projects with farmers

Reading Time: 4 minutes Like most farmers, Kevin Ziola wants to be a good steward of the land — but it’s been tough for the third-generation farmer to balance his conservation efforts with his bottom line. “As a cattle farmer, I believe it’s important to work with nature, not against it,” said Ziola, who runs 200 head of cattle […] Read more

Editorial: The time for EGS is long overdue

Paying landowners for the environmental work they perform would blaze a new trail for a better environment

Reading Time: 2 minutes Once in a while at livestock producer meetings, Ecological Goods and Services (EGS) is on the agenda. The idea was first broached around 20 years ago, but under different names. The venerable Western Stock Growers’ Association, who has championed the cause for many years, has called it Environmental Goods and Services. A past Alberta Environment […] Read more