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Canada’s strengths in global trade highlighted at conference

Pandemic has since pushed all other issues out of the spotlight but crops convention highlighted country’s abilities

It was just three weeks ago, but the issues in the spotlight at the Canadian Crops Convention almost seem to be from another age. But the conference was also a reminder that however the coronavirus pandemic changes the landscape, Canada has a lot of people working behind the scenes to ensure trade can take place. […] Read more

Schoepp: What’s a more important sector: oil or agriculture?

Take a comprehensive look at the facts and the answer is obvious

As we drove through the blueberry fields and cranberry bogs in southern B.C., I thought of economic generators. What, I wondered, was a bigger sustainable economic generator to our nation: oil or agriculture? An environmental scan of an industry must include the long-term effects on people and the planet. The structures that we employ for […] Read more