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ELECTION 2015: Action items for Alberta agriculture

Farm Vote: No matter what your sector, there are pressing farm issues 
for the next federal government

With the longest federal election campaign in Canadian history, you can’t say there hasn’t been time to discuss farm issues. But other than a few photo ops on farms, agriculture rarely gets a mention on the hustings. And, in a way, that’s OK with farm leaders in this province. Alberta Farmer reporter Jennifer Blair spoke […] Read more

How big a player is agriculture in Alberta’s economy? Alberta farm leaders say investing in agriculture will produce economic dividends. Here are some facts on the province’s farm and food sector.

Ag matters: What should be on the agenda for the next government

Election 2015: As Albertans gear up for a provincial election, provincial farm groups share the big issues that matter to them

Investing in agriculture’s future, the nightmare of finding workers, and fair rules for sharing land and water. Those are three big issues for Alberta farm organizations, but not the only ones. None of the farm leaders and officials who spoke to Alberta Farmer had any ‘if you want our vote’ demands for the parties contesting […] Read more