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Social media, texts, and emails are great but can’t take the place of talking with people face to face, 
says pedigreed seed producer Sarah Hoffmann.

All the iron is still there, but Agri-Trade has a new dimension

There’s still acres of farm equipment to be seen, but also an opportunity to upgrade your personal skill set

Reading Time: 4 minutes When you think of a farm equipment show, a motivational speaker talking about personal development might not spring to mind. But it’s exactly what women who attend Agri-Trade said they wanted to see at the popular Red Deer event. “Attendee surveys brought a strong message that there were a lot of women in agriculture who […] Read more

Branding is key for Sydney
Rock Oysters.

Celebrating food — and gaining a marketing edge

The story of an Australian oyster producer has lessons 
for any farmer who appreciates creative thinking

Reading Time: 3 minutes My friend Ewan McAsh is an oyster farmer on the Clyde River in New South Wales, Australia. He is a fellow Nuffield Scholar and was a travel mate of mine through Australia, Holland, U.K., India, and Qatar. A young man with vision, he was named in 2015 as a finalist for NSW farmer of the […] Read more

Fruit jam at the market

From the kitchen to the marketplace

Here are the key steps to consider if you want to sell a product you produce on your farm

Reading Time: 2 minutes What does it take to get a new product from your workshop or kitchen into a buyer’s hands? “Lots of time, patience and attention to detail,” says a provincial new-venture specialist. The first step is to do a self-assessment, said Elaine Stenbraaten. “Are you an entrepreneur? Understand that with a business you start, you assume […] Read more

tipped basket of apples

A tale of success, and how greed can overpower common sense

Dutch entrepreneur learns a hard lesson about family 
dynamics and the need to put things in writing

Reading Time: 3 minutes Edda sat at my kitchen table, the tears streaming down her face. A young innovator from the Netherlands, she seemed to have it all — a successful business, access to land, her own cattle herd, and a fabulous boyfriend. What could be the problem? Like many young and passionate innovators I’ve met and mentored in […] Read more