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Becky McCray, who operates a business in the small town of Alva, Oklahoma, sees a great future 
for forward-thinking rural communities.

Do it right and your small town could be ‘cool’

Reading Time: 3 minutes Imagine your rural town with bustling streets, thriving businesses, and growing numbers in the local school. Sound a little far fetched? Especially as you look around and see no signs of any such vision? But peer closely into the future — there’s a good chance your rural town could one day have a whole lot […] Read more


The secret of success can be found in a simple breakfast spread

The man behind Nutella shows how simple ideas can be very powerful

Reading Time: 3 minutes I was first introduced to Nutella while travelling in Europe as a young woman — the thought of chocolate for breakfast was just too good to be true! Today, the sweet treat remains a frequent visitor to our home, disappearing in the early hours shortly after waking. The man behind the mysterious blend of hazelnuts […] Read more