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Empower your daughters to be great farmers

Understanding one’s abilities, becoming financially literate, 
and gaining experience outside the farm are all critical

Reading Time: 3 minutes More women own and operate farms and agribusinesses in Canada than ever before. What is it that women need to do to be great farmers and how can farms prepare daughters for the ownership of the family farm? Underlying any business transaction is value. And often, families focus on the value of the capital assets […] Read more

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Women in agriculture bank on change

Straight From the Hip: Give women a fair shake and 
agricultural production will increase

Reading Time: 3 minutes There has been a global failure to improve infrastructure and address policy to enable women to access the same level of education, technology, credit, and land ownership. In many countries I have seen how this has left farming women unprepared for the current and future increases in input costs and challenges in marketing. Women farmers […] Read more