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Management strategies for using grazing muzzles

Horse Health: Grass consumption can be reduced by 30 to 80 per cent 
depending on the horse or pony wearing one

The grazing muzzle is a simple, effective, and sensible tool caretakers can use to manage the grass intake of their horses. The grazing muzzle is a basket-like contraption — a piece of headgear a horse wears with the intention of slowing down and reducing grass intake on pasture. The horse wearing the muzzle can breathe […] Read more

Winter is the ideal season for healthy weight loss in horses

Horse Health: Hay nets are a good way to prevent horses from overfeeding during the colder months

Is your horse carrying too much weight? The answer to this question is an important order of business, and best asked at the beginning of the winter season. If the answer to this question is yes then the winter season is the ideal time to implement intervention. Weight loss is far easier in the colder […] Read more