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Making a plan helps alleviate the stress of euthanasia

A detailed, written plan and standard operating practices are better for both the animals and staff

No one likes having to euthanize an animal, but it’s easier with a clear plan and proper protocols in place. Part of that is using “end points” as recommended by Canadian Council of Animal Care, said Craig Wilkinson, a professor and director of animal care for the faculty of agriculture, life and environmental sciences at […] Read more

Hot branding causes more acute pain, but freeze branding can only be done on dark-coloured cattle and is more difficult to do properly.

Beef website offers insights and tips on pain mitigation

Cattle’s experience with pain is not fully understood, but research on minimizing pain is steadily advancing

The Beef Cattle Research Council has updated the pain mitigation section of its website. The following is an edited version of that page, which also contains videos and links to further articles. Consumer pressure to avoid painful practices on cattle when possible — and to reduce pain when castration, dehorning, or branding are necessary — […] Read more