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This harvest, take a bit of time to do things differently

Instead of the usual go-go-go approach, think about how we can all learn to use time more wisely

Reading Time: 3 minutes I watched in horror a video on social media in which a farmer wrapped his preteen son in bale wrap. The child was in the machine! Later that week I coaxed an elderly man holding his electric saw down off a 25-foot extension ladder. At a lavender farm, I encouraged the owner to stop giving […] Read more

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Talk to family, friends about farming

This holiday season Melodie Chan wants producers to avoid what she calls the “spiral of silence,” which can happen around the dinner table, over beers or even in the gentle lull between turkey and pie if farmers don’t speak up when they hear misinformation about agriculture. “What are we afraid of?” asked Chan, speaking at […] Read more

Ten things farm moms really want

Ten things farm moms really want

It would be fun for you to be a fly on the wall of my office when the calls from farm moms come in. They range in age from 33 to 93. Regardless of your age or stage as a farm mom, I bet there are things that you would like to be able to[...]
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The gift of Christmas comes not in a box or bag, but in the heart

The holiday season can be a stressful, and painful, time — 
but also one for cherishing the true gifts we have been given

Reading Time: 3 minutes Seasons of celebration can be lonely times for many individuals and families. It is a time that lends itself to reflect on times past, love lost, and the empty chair in the room. A painful memory can easily overshadow the chaos and commotion — even when, or especially when, children are involved. We suffer in[...]
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