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Plan for your children’s safety on the farm

Plan for your children’s safety on the farm

Here are some guidelines for creating a ‘hazard-free’ play area

Reading Time: 2 minutes Children “often perceive the farm as a big playground filled with endless opportunities to explore” and parents need to plan accordingly, says a provincial farm safety youth co-ordinator. “Unfortunately, they don’t always recognize the serious dangers that are often lurking around the farmyard,” said Janice Donkers. “Most rural parents want their kids to enjoy life […] Read more

Farm safety legislation doesn’t target the people on the farm with the most risk — farm families, 
said safety expert Don Voaklander.

A terrible toll: Farming still claims too many lives

The latest statistics 
show an encouraging but modest decline in the number of farm fatalities

Reading Time: 4 minutes The number of people killed in farm accidents continues to decline, but a new report also says “there is no more dangerous occupation” than farming. The average number of fatalities fell from 116 annually from 1990 to 2001 to 84 in the latest 10-year reporting period (2003 to 2012), according to Canadian Agricultural Injury Reporting […] Read more

Fatality report highlights the many dangers of farming

Fatality report highlights the many dangers of farming

The grim statistics are a reminder that some everyday activities can also be very hazardous

Reading Time: < 1 minute The language is plain, the numbers clear, and the take-home message is simple — danger is ever present on farms. Although run-overs, rollovers, and being pinned or struck by machinery account for 369 of the 843 fatalities in the latest Canadian Agricultural Injury Reporting report (covering the period from 2003 to 2012), tragedy strikes in […] Read more

Why I keep a pair of little yellow wellies on my desk

The small rubber boots are the symbol of a U.K. safety campaign and 
a reminder we need to do more to keep our children safe on the farm

Reading Time: 4 minutes There is a pair of little yellow rubber boots — or wellies as they are called in other countries — sitting on my desk. They are a gift from fellow scholar James Chapman, who is studying and speaking out about farm safety around the world. James lost his arm in a farm accident. The idea […] Read more

A life changed forever in just a few moments

Farm Safety Week – March 13-19: Bailey Kemery’s story is one of remarkable determination, but also a 
chilling warning of how things can go terribly wrong in a moment

Reading Time: 3 minutes Bailey Kemery was four years old, growing up on her family’s farm in Major, Sask. when her life changed forever. On April 20, 1994, she and her brother were playing on a tractor-driven rotary tiller that was parked, but running, not far from where her parents were standing in the yard. “The rototiller shook itself […] Read more

Monique and Patrick Racine (front) with the siblings (standing from left to right) Joanne, Marc and Roxanne. Monique and Patrick came close to suffocating in a grain truck when they were young.

Close call changed family’s attitude to safety

A near tragedy 30 years ago made the entire Racine family realize that much more was needed to make their farm safe

Reading Time: 3 minutes Teaching kids to respect hazards is an important part of raising children safely on the farm and much can be learned from close calls. Growing up on the family farm near St. Malo, Man., the Racine children experienced their own close call while playing in a large truck. All five kids had free range of […] Read more

The Van Camp family (l) and the Fox family.

Because I love you

Two widows discuss how forward planning helped their families carry on 
following the farm accidents that claimed their husbands

Reading Time: 21 minutes Jay Fox and Brian Van Camp both died in farm accidents involving loaders right before Christmas, leaving their families in shock and still trying to run their farms. Jay and Angie were Outstanding Young farmers in Manitoba and leaders in the cattle industry. Brian and Maggie were also leaders in their community and agriculture. Here’s […] Read more

Seven-year-old Ernie Friesen, who lost his arm in a grain auger,
is spreading the farm safety message as this year’s national safety ambassador for The War Amps.

The ever-present danger on our farms and ranches

A mother and two experts talk about the need to do more when it comes to farm safety

Reading Time: 5 minutes Peter Friesen knew something was wrong as soon as the auger stalled. His warning to his five-year-old son Ernie to stay back and “not come any closer than this,” had gone unheeded. The boy had been running around with a dog nearby, and Peter had warned him to stay back, to “not come any closer […] Read more