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Three resources to read before buying land

Three resources to read before buying land

The high cost of farmland doesn’t leave 
room for emotion — or miscalculation

Reading Time: 2 minutes Farm auction sale season has begun, and a provincial farm financial specialist says a lot of retiring farmers are choosing to sell their land by public auction. “With interest rates remaining low and the majority of Alberta farms continuing to have a strong balance sheet, the demand for farmland purchase in Alberta remains robust,” said […] Read more

You can’t get with the (farm) plan until you create one

There’s a lot of power in sitting down as a family and writing down your short-term and long-term goals

Reading Time: 2 minutes Got a plan for 2016? If not, you can start by reviewing the goals you had for last year, says a provincial farm financial specialist. “This is an important process,” said Rick Dehod. “Reflecting on how you have done helps you set goals for the farm business in 2016 and influences what you feel is […] Read more