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Despite their size, modern trusses can have less bracing when plywood is added as diaphragm bracing.

Farm buildings getting bigger, but also stronger

Diaphragm bracing has been key as farm buildings become larger and larger

Reading Time: 2 minutes One comment Steven Adema often hears is that his company’s building designs are getting heavier. But the engineer with Tacoma Engineers in Guelph, Ontario argues that heaviness is not the culprit — the buildings are simply getting bigger in order to accommodate producer needs and government regulations. “For comparison’s sake we pulled an old Beaver […] Read more

Province taking wait-and-see approach to new farm building code

Farm buildings are generally exempt from the provincial 
building code, but that’s likely to change in a few years

Reading Time: 2 minutes The growing complexity of farm buildings — not to mention the ongoing threat of fire — has attracted regulatory attention. However, Alberta does not have a specific farm building code nor has it adopted the federal National Farm Building Code. The provincial government is waiting on the results of a new, planned federal code currently […] Read more

Big, and sometimes very big, is the new norm and that makes construction of farm buildings a much more intricate process.

Farm buildings are complex and costly, but built to last

Old-fashioned barn raisings are pretty much gone – today you need a team of experts when building an equipment shed or barn

Reading Time: 5 minutes Building a barn used to be relatively simple. Often, family members, and maybe a few neighbours, simply went out and did it. Today, however, construction of a new farm building is an extremely complex — not to mention expensive — process. Regulations, more sophisticated building techniques, and advanced technology have upped the cost and complexity, […] Read more

Most farm buildings are exempt from the Alberta Building Code, but will that be good enough for insurers in the years ahead?

Farm building rules getting a rethink

Alberta currently does not have a specified farm building code, but Manitoba may hold a lesson on what the future holds

Reading Time: 3 minutes Planning on building a barn or other farm building? Do you know all the regulations and standards that you are required to abide by? If you don’t know, you may need to do some homework. Thanks to the growing complexity of farm buildings, farm building codes have become a going concern among the insurance, design […] Read more