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The pandemic has more older farmers thinking about their wills — and how to split up the farm, says consultant Merle Good.

Pandemic has many thinking about the future of the farm

If you plan to leave land to your off-farm child, you need a strategy that makes sense for the farm business

Reading Time: 3 minutes If the pandemic has you looking at your will and wondering how to split your farm up, you’re not alone. “COVID has increased the anxiety about our wills for all of us who are a little bit older,” said Merle Good, owner of GRS Consulting. “When I’ve talked to farmers about it, they’re starting to […] Read more

man discussing farm wills

Avoid family fights over farm wills with these land transfer tips

If you’re among the 80 per cent of farmers leaving some land to non-farming children, 
Merle Good has some creative land transfer advice

Reading Time: 3 minutes Merle Good has one piece of advice for farmers who are drawing up their wills: “If you’re going to leave land to a non-farming child, get creative.” Thirty years ago, “hardly any land went to a non-farming child,” said Good, a longtime tax specialist with Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development who now runs a private […] Read more