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Farmers’ market app now available

Reading Time: < 1 minute Alberta Agriculture has created a free app for Apple and Android that provides up-to-date information about locations, times, and dates of farmers’ markets in the province. Farmers’ markets are the No. 1 agri-tourism attraction in Alberta, providing a great shopping experience where consumers can “savour time” rather than “save time.” The app, which cost about […] Read more

Fruit jam at the market

From the kitchen to the marketplace

Here are the key steps to consider if you want to sell a product you produce on your farm

Reading Time: 2 minutes What does it take to get a new product from your workshop or kitchen into a buyer’s hands? “Lots of time, patience and attention to detail,” says a provincial new-venture specialist. The first step is to do a self-assessment, said Elaine Stenbraaten. “Are you an entrepreneur? Understand that with a business you start, you assume […] Read more

Get selling at a farmers’ market

Get selling at a farmers’ market

Reading Time: < 1 minute An approved farmers’ market is a good place to start when selling directly to consumers, says a provincial new venture specialist. “Farmers’ markets have always been seen as a business incubator where new businesses can start selling direct to consumers,” said Marissa Brewer. “They get that immediate feedback and learn quickly how to market and […] Read more

people shopping at a farmers' market

Operators upping their game as farmers’ markets proliferate

Some are finding ways to stand out in the crowd while others are getting to know their customers better

Reading Time: 2 minutes Thrive!” was the theme for the 2015 B.C. Association of Farmers’ Markets annual conference which attracted more than 100 vendors, farmers, managers and board members to talk about growth, innovation, and building ongoing success in the markets. The conference focused on two areas — strengthening the operation of the market and increasing vendor know-how in […] Read more

parade float with large garlic puppets

Garlic festival a joyous (and odorous) celebration

Andrew festival showcases garlic and celebrates the village’s Ukrainian heritage

Reading Time: 2 minutes For 16 years, residents of the town of Andrew have gathered to celebrate the stinking rose — and every year, more and more visitors join them. “It’s just grown tremendously,” said Carri Hrehorets, president of the Andrew Agricultural Society in the village of 400 located an hour’s drive northeast of Edmonton. “We get about 1,000 […] Read more