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Want some tips for selling at farmers' markets? There's a video series tailored just for you.

Tips for selling at farmers’ markets

Reading Time: < 1 minute Explore Local has produced a series of short videos on selling at farmers’ markets. This series features Jenny Berkenbosch of Sundog Organic Farm. Berkenbosch shares what she has learned over the years on seven topics: creating an image; booth setup; product labelling; signs and signage; salesmanship; presentation; and creating a memorable shopping experience. The videos […] Read more

Workshops ask, are you really making money?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Selling at a farmers’ market or direct to customers is one thing, doing it profitably is another. To help producers with that challenge, Alberta Agriculture is hosting a pair of “Pricing Principles: Moving to Retail” workshops. The workshops will be held on Jan. 18 at the Agriculture Centre in Airdrie and on Jan. 30 at […] Read more

Allowing beer tastings at farmers’ markets is being welcomed by craft brewers such as Edgerton’s Ribstone Creek Brewery, where head brewer Ryan Moncrieff creates unique beers from locally sourced ingredients.

Farmers’ markets allowed to offer local beer

Craft breweries and local distilleries excited by the chance to introduce their products to a wider range of Albertans

Reading Time: 2 minutes Shoppers at provincially approved farmers’ markets can now crack open a brew or sip a bit of vodka. “We’re really excited with the news. It offers us the chance to expand our customer base and reach out to different sales channels,” said Marty Shaw, general manager of Ribstone Creek Brewery in Edgerton. The move puts […] Read more

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Farmers markets a ‘business incubator’

Reading Time: < 1 minute Farmers markets can give businesses the opportunity to test market their products and grow their businesses with less expense, says a provincial marketing specialist. “Farmers markets have always been seen as a business incubator where new businesses can start selling direct to consumers,” said Eileen Kotowich. “They get that immediate feedback and learn quickly how […] Read more

New version of farmers’ market app available

Reading Time: < 1 minute Alberta Agriculture and Forestry has released an updated version of the farmers’ market mobile app. “People told us they were having trouble finding the times the markets were open on the app,” said farmers’ market specialist Eileen Kotowich. “It just wasn’t as intuitive as we had hoped.” The updated version of the app shows market […] Read more

Provincial farmers’ markets off to a busy start

Provincial farmers’ markets off to a busy start

Farmers' markets throughout the province are already seeing high customer traffic

Reading Time: 2 minutes Farmers’ markets are off to a promising start. “Early reports I’ve had from different markets out there say that there is a lot of customer traffic early in the season, which is good considering the economy,” said Eileen Kotowich, farmers’ market specialist with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry. “Early in the year, you’re never sure how […] Read more

Farmers’ market app now available

Reading Time: < 1 minute Alberta Agriculture has created a free app for Apple and Android that provides up-to-date information about locations, times, and dates of farmers’ markets in the province. Farmers’ markets are the No. 1 agri-tourism attraction in Alberta, providing a great shopping experience where consumers can “savour time” rather than “save time.” The app, which cost about […] Read more

Get the lowdown on marketing your farm products

Workshop takes place in Fort Saskatchewan, register by January 13

Reading Time: < 1 minute Want to sell farm products to the public? The Marketing Made Easy workshop on Jan. 20 in Fort Saskatchewan “examines selling products at farmers’ markets and beyond,” said provincial marketing specialist Karen Goad. “It’s a chance to uncover strategies for creating a lasting first impression, clearly identify your target clients and make them choose you. […] Read more

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Operators upping their game as farmers’ markets proliferate

Some are finding ways to stand out in the crowd while others are getting to know their customers better

Reading Time: 2 minutes Thrive!” was the theme for the 2015 B.C. Association of Farmers’ Markets annual conference which attracted more than 100 vendors, farmers, managers and board members to talk about growth, innovation, and building ongoing success in the markets. The conference focused on two areas — strengthening the operation of the market and increasing vendor know-how in […] Read more

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Workshop offered for selling at farmers’ markets

The day long workshops will take place on April 21 and April 28

Reading Time: < 1 minute Producers wanting to sell at farmers’ markets can learn about the basics at the Getting into Farmers’ Markets workshop. Farmers’ markets in Alberta had more than $700 million in sales in 2012 and continue to see rapid growth. Topics include food safety culture and best practices, product pricing, and regulations. A panel of experienced vendors […] Read more