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On-farm research can pay big dividends but “no data is better than bad data,” says Farming Smarter’s 
Ken Coles.  Photo: Jennifer Blair

On-farm research done right can save producers big bucks

It takes time and effort, but doing research on your farm means you’re 
‘not just flying blind’ when buying costly inputs

Reading Time: 3 minutes There really wasn’t much scientific about Kevin Auch’s first foray into on-farm research almost 30 years ago. “It was basically a visual display of micros being applied by hand in a severely eroded area — there was no measured-out pounds per acre or anything like that,” said the Carmangay-area mixed grain farmer. “All it would […] Read more

Agronomist Doug Moisey shows the deformed brace root system of corn plant injured by phenoxy herbicides like 2,4-D or MCPA.

Weed competition costing corn growers yield

Corn growers have limited options for controlling Roundup Ready 
canola in their crops — but Group 27 herbicides offer a ‘good opportunity’

Reading Time: 3 minutes Doug Moisey wouldn’t go so far as to say corn is the “wuss” of the cropping world, but it sure doesn’t put up much of a fight against weeds. “Wuss may be a strong word, but when it comes to weed control, it’s very critical,” said the DuPont Pioneer area agronomist at Farming Smarter’s field […] Read more

Man tending to a hemp field.

There’s a reason why Alberta is Canada’s hemp leader

The ‘dope’ on industrial hemp is that it’s good news for Alberta producers looking for a new crop for their rotation

Reading Time: 3 minutes Farming Smarter – There was a time in Canada’s history when homesteaders received free hemp seeds because the plant products served so many purposes. Hemp seed is a source of food and its stalks provide fibre. Jan Slaski — Alberta’s hemp expert — provided this tidbit of information when he spoke at the Farming Smarter AGM […] Read more