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Farmer Standing on a Harvester

Temper tantrums: There’s way too much drama on some farms

A Facebook post on hand signals prompted an outpouring of comments 
from farm women subjected to angry tirades

Reading Time: 4 minutes This summer, a young female farmer posted the following message on Facebook: My husband is the worst ever at hand signals. Ten yrs. farming together and I still have no freaking clue what he is trying to signal to me. It would help if he actually used conventional signals and not his own secret signal […] Read more

Annual Drive Away Hunger campaign now underway

Reading Time: < 1 minute Camrose and Lloydminster are two of the stops on Farm Credit Canada’s Drive Away Hunger tractor tour this year. The Drive Away Hunger campaign collects food and cash donations for food banks and hunger programs. Beginning Oct. 10, tractors pulling trailers will visit communities in five provinces to collect donations, which can also be made […] Read more

Wants, needs, and some advice for young farmers

When you ask beginning farmers about their priorities, a few key themes quickly emerge

Reading Time: 4 minutes Farm Management Canada recently hosted a fabulous conference in Regina where I was also contributing. The conference was peppered with interactive breakout sessions that made for lively discussion. Three of the questions stuck in my mind and I would like to share five comments on each of those questions with you. I don’t think it […] Read more