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The Feeder Association Loan Guarantee Program, which dates back more than eight decades, is a major source of capital for cow-calf producers 
in the province.

Maximums for loan guarantee program doubled

Feeder association members can get up to $2 million from loan guarantee program to finance calf crop

The maximum loan limit for the provincial Feeder Association Loan Guarantee Program has been doubled to $2 million. The increase, which applies to both individual and joint membership loan limits, will allow feeder associations to distribute their fixed costs across a greater number of livestock and provide increased access to capital. The provincial government is […] Read more

Province ups feeder loan guarantee fund

The provincial government is increasing its loan guarantee fund to $100 million (from $55 million previously) for cattle and sheep producers buying and feeding livestock for market. The Feeder Association Loan Guarantee Program supports local, producer-run co-operatives in obtaining competitive financing. Feeder association members use the guarantee to secure capital from lending institutions to buy […] Read more