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This photo was taken back in the days when Alberta Pork was the single-desk seller of hogs in the province. While returning to a single desk might not be possible, hog producers should consider collective marketing, the farm organization argues.

Alberta Pork urges producers to consider marketing co-op

Banding together would fix a ‘broken’ system and force packers to pay a fair price, says organization

Reading Time: 2 minutes Alberta Pork is urging hog farmers in the province to band together to force packers to pay a fair price for their animals. And that includes thinking about returning to a single-desk model or forming marketing co-operatives to “shift the balance of power back to producers.” In an analysis of the sector covering the past […] Read more

(Regis Lefebure photo courtesy ARS/USDA)

Pork prices set to soften, analyst says

CNS Canada — As the North American barbecue season winds down for another year, so too goes some strength in the pork market. For instance, cash slaughter-weight hogs in Saskatchewan, based on the Maple Leaf Signature #3 contract, averaged $162.55/cwt last week, down $7.95 (4.7 per cent) per 100 kg, according to Brad Marceniuk, a […] Read more