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Two teen girls taking a selfie.

Sisters share their love of agriculture

Reading Time: < 1 minute Do you think Shelby and Sierra Zmurchyk are excited about farming? The fourth-generation dairy producers are also pretty pumped about being the final winners in Alberta Farmer’s felfie contest. “We would like to say thanks so much,” said Shelby, 18. “This is a great opportunity to share our love of agriculture while giving back to […] Read more

Girl with cow.

Gold medal bovine

Stella isn’t your typical cow, and not 
just because of her fashion sense

Reading Time: < 1 minute She couldn’t make it to Sochi, but Olympics fan Stella has turned in a medal-winning performance in Alberta Farmer’s felfie contest. Pictured with Stella is Angie O’Connor, who works at a feedlot and keeps some feedlot calves (and an old Holstein who raises them) on an acreage north of Wimborne. Our three judges (Sarah Schultz, […] Read more

Curious calf ready for prime time

Curious calf ready for prime time

Reading Time: < 1 minute No way! That’s so exciting!” Theresa Bayko said when informed she is this edition’s felfie winner. The calf was about six hours old when Bayko snapped this picture. The unnamed heifer and her mother are doing well and seem to be enjoying the sun even in frigid February temperatures, she said. The curious calf won […] Read more