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Sugar is sweet for increasing cattle gain

Reading Time: < 1 minute Cattle that consume forages with higher sugar content have higher rates of gain, improved performance, and better rumen health. In a Beef Cattle Research Council webinar, two forage experts give tips for increasing sugar content in forage, such as cutting forages in late afternoon as sugar content peaks 11 to 13 hours after sunrise and why […] Read more

cattle on the open prairie

The five keys to assessing rangeland health

The old adage about not being able to manage what you can’t measure applies to rangelands

Reading Time: 3 minutes Native rangelands are key assets to livestock producers — and rangeland health assessments allow them to adjust grazing practices to achieve productive, sustainable grazings. A rangeland assessment system looks at the five key functions of rangelands: integrity and ecological status; community structure; hydrologic function and nutrient cycling; site stability, and noxious weeds. And in all […] Read more

New forage research papers available online

New forage research papers available online

Three new papers look at tall fescue, barley after perennial forages, and slender wheat grass

Reading Time: < 1 minute The website has added some new research papers to its collection. Yield and nutritive value of irrigated tall fescue compared with orchardgrass: In monocultures or mixed with alfalfa. This work is by Donald Thompson of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Lethbridge Research Centre and can be read here. Barley yield and nutrient uptake in rotation after […] Read more