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Don’t delay if you haven’t lined up seed

Don’t delay if you haven’t lined up seed

All that rain last year has elevated fusarium levels and lowered germination rates

Reading Time: 3 minutes The quality of cereal seed in Alberta is down — and disease pressure is up — across almost all classes, say players at the front lines of the upcoming growing season’s seed outlook. “Disease levels are a little higher this year and that’s having an adverse effect on quality,” said Trevor Nysetvold of BioVision, a […] Read more

BioVision’s data shows an increase in fusarium infection across barley, durum, oats and wheat.

Battling fusarium requires new initiatives

Reading Time: < 1 minute Both the grain sector and government need to respond to rising fusarium rates, says the president of Alberta Seed Growers. One of the first things to do is recognize that FHB has become a significant problem and then create policies that do not unnecessarily penalize producers, said Glenn Logan. Read more: Don’t delay if you haven’t […] Read more


Testing your wheat could earn you a higher price

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Alberta Wheat Commission is reminding growers to know all the factors affecting the quality of their wheat to ensure they are getting the best price. If growers are not satisfied with downgrades due to sprout damage or fusarium head blight, they should consider getting a second opinion. “The falling number may meet the specification […] Read more