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(File photo by Greg Berg)

Newfoundland farmers may shoot problem moose at night

Province to provide permits to qualified farmers

Moose causing crop damage on farms in Newfoundland and Labrador may now be shot by farmers at night under a new special permit system. Farmers dealing with “problem moose” can now apply for permits for night shooting, via provincial agriculture development officers in their areas, the provincial fisheries and land resources department said Thursday. The […] Read more

woman firing a rifle

Communities must say no to the inappropriate use of guns

There are far too many reckless gun users in rural Alberta 
and the best way to stop them is when communities speak out

Reading Time: 3 minutes Throughout history there have been lives lost and communities devastated by the use of firearms. In rural Canada, the risk of death or disability by the inappropriate use of guns is increasing. This is dear to me as I continue to grieve a friend murdered on a rural property; feel for neighbours who have lost […] Read more