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Cutworms. (Photo courtesy Canola Council of Canada)

Prairie growers on lookout as insects seize opportunity

Dry conditions, delayed seeding lift pest counts

MarketsFarm — With most Prairie growers’ newly seeded crops already up against dry conditions, growers remain on the lookout for insects which further threaten the health of those seedlings. Considering the high prices of many crops this season, the potential damage would be more costly. John Gavloski, entomologist for Manitoba Agriculture, said there is a […] Read more

Flea beetle. (Photo courtesy Canola Council of Canada)

Flea beetle damage ‘moderate’ across Prairies so far

Levels in Manitoba hit thresholds for spraying, reseeding canola

MarketsFarm — Flea beetles, cutworms and diamondback moths are only a few of the pests Prairie farmers have to deal with — and this year, so far, damage from flea beetles and cutworms has varied, as have moth counts. “Flea beetles are common throughout the Prairies, everywhere we grow canola. We haven’t been able to […] Read more

The three types of flea beetles: crucifer, hop and striped. Crucifers have been dominant so far but more stripes have been seen in recent years.

Flea beetles: more species, more territory

Control options include seed treatment, seeding early and a higher seeding rate

Reading Time: 3 minutes They have been a voracious pest in canola for many years, but their pattern of infestation is changing. “Flea beetles can be a huge economic problem; pervasive and unpredictable,” Jennifer Otani, a pest management biologist at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Beaverlodge said during a session at FarmTech. Adult flea beetles can move in and out […] Read more

Flea beetle. (Photo courtesy Canola Council of Canada)

Neonic phase-out may limit flea beetle control tools

CNS Canada — The phasing out of neonicotinoid seed treatments in Canada may cause problems for the country’s canola growers when dealing with flea beetles — but alternatives pesticides could fill the gap. Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) is proposing that two neonicotinoid pesticides, clothianidin and thiamethoxam, be phased out over the next […] Read more

Flea beetle. (Photo courtesy Canola Council of Canada)

Flea beetles take advantage of late seeding

CNS Canada — A heat wave in late May and a slow start to the planting season have created some ideal conditions for flea beetles. Pest specialists in Saskatchewan and Manitoba say farmers have already begun to spray for the beetle in certain locations. “They’ve been getting good conditions to feed under, they like it […] Read more

These goats at Frank Lake are owned by Baah’d Plant Management 
& Reclamation, based in Calgary.

Goats and beetles used to fight invasive species

Leafy spurge is found across Alberta and its creeping root system makes it very difficult to control

Reading Time: < 1 minute Pull, mow, burn, and spray. These are common ways that Ducks Unlimited Canada manages invasive plant species on projects located on agricultural land. But there’s a new management tool in the mix now being used by the organization. It has started using goats and flea beetles to help combat leafy spurge at its Frank Lake […] Read more

Thirsty Alta. crops could use a drink, analyst says

CNS Canada — Alberta’s dry weather and cooler nights have hit some crops in the province hard, but one specialist says he isn’t worried yet. Neil Whatley, a crop specialist with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry in Stettler, said only some parts of the province have seen rain. “There’s no general rain, just showers. Where there’s […] Read more

Flea beetle feeding (Photo courtesy Canola Council of Canada)

Cutworm, flea beetle pressure piling on Prairie crops

CNS Canada — High levels of cutworms and flea beetles are damaging crops in Western Canada this spring, according to Manitoba’s crop entomologist. Manitoba growers started noticing damage from cutworms this week, said John Gavloski, extension entomologist for Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development in Carman. “They were there in the fields, but they were […] Read more

If you have lots of flea beetles this year, it’s a good indication of more next year.

Time to start counting bugs for next year

Reading Time: < 1 minute In his weekly Call of the Land interview Alberta Agriculture pest management specialist says Scott Meers now is the time to start watching the swather and cutter bar for insects to get an idea of whether they will be a problem next year. While conditions will still determine numbers and this year’s lygus populations don’t influence […] Read more