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FNA preparing to push south

Canadian ag input buying group Farmers of North America (FNA) is going North American. Saskatoon-based FNA and its sister supply organization, AgraCity, said Thursday they now have teams on the ground in three states — North Dakota, Minnesota and South Dakota — to recruit new FNA members. “When the organization began back in 1999, the name […] Read more

(Dave Bedard photo)

CWB takes pass on FNA’s proposal

Ag input buying group Farmers of North America (FNA) says its proposal to buy the grain firm formerly known as the Canadian Wheat Board has been rebuffed. Saskatoon-based FNA said Monday its proposal — which called for CWB’s assets to become part of an farmer-owned grain handling and fertilizer manufacturing and marketing organization dubbed Genesis […] Read more

AgraCity CFO Derek Penner (centre, with Laurentian Bank Securities vice-president Ty Wirvin (l) and director of investment banking Kevin Hooke) is gauging farmers’ appetite for investment in a new grain handling and fertilizer partnership, ideally by taking control of CWB. (Dave Bedard photo)

Clock ticking on FNA-led group’s proposed play for CWB

Farmers of North America (FNA) executives are pleading for more time from the federal government to help farmers hammer out a deal to buy the former Canadian Wheat Board. FNA has created a new organization, Genesis Grain and Fertilizer LP, to build a farmer-owned grain handling and fertilizer sales and distribution company. As of Tuesday, […] Read more