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Brenda Schoepp with a group of women she met during her trip to India.

India is a country of two agricultures

The nation is a world player in food, but full of contrasts and contradictions

Reading Time: 4 minutes My visit to India a few years ago covered a lot of agricultural ground — a 1,500-kilometre loop starting in Ludhiana and ending in New Delhi. Our team — nine young agricultural professionals from five countries — experienced a transportation strike, a hit-and-run, watched a car slide off the road and into the jungle, and […] Read more

Jerry Bouma

NOT WORKING: Alberta’s food processing industry needs a big fix

If the province wants a vibrant food industry, it will ‘have to do things differently,’ says expert

Reading Time: 3 minutes Alberta’s food-processing industry faces a grim future without a “disruptive intervention,” says an agri-food industry veteran. “Current approaches toward innovation and growth — particularly in the food industry here in Alberta — are not working,” said Jerry Bouma of Toma & Bouma Management Consultants. “If we seek success and want to grow this industry, we’re […] Read more


U.S. bird flu causes egg shortage, emergency measures

Chicago/New York | Reuters — As a virulent avian influenza outbreak continues to spread across the Midwestern U.S., some egg-dependent companies are contemplating drastic steps — importing eggs from overseas or looking to egg alternatives. A spokeswoman for Archer Daniels Midland said that as egg supplies tighten and prices rise, the food processing and commodities […] Read more

Tom Steve

Don’t just grow crops, grow food processing

A stronger ag-sector would be the result, says AWC general manager

Reading Time: < 1 minute Think big picture, says the general manager of the Alberta Wheat Commission. “We’ve seen the ministry roll out a rural development strategy, and we support that,” said Tom Steve. “But if you look at who the wealth creators are in rural communities, it tends to be the farmer… we need to find a way to […] Read more

It’s a shame that Canada imports more food products than it exports

Canada should look to countries like the Netherlands, which is a leading 
exporter of roasted coffee even though it doesn’t grow coffee beans

Reading Time: 3 minutes Canada’s agri-food trade profile continues to be in deficit. As the demand for specific items heats up around the globe, it’s apparent that a rethinking of our processing, value adding and export aggression is long overdue. Considering the low value of the Canadian currency, this is an opportune time to push our products onto the […] Read more

maple syrup being poured

Lessons to learn from Quebec’s agriculture and agri-food industry

Canada is about food and Quebec is about processing — 
employing 475,189 in 2,100 facilities, most co-operatively owned

Reading Time: 3 minutes I spend a lot of time in Quebec and find the culture and the history of the province fascinating. It is in many regards, Canada’s little bit of Europe and the feel in the country is cosy. What most folks don’t see as they travel the countryside past long narrow tracks of land, vineyards and […] Read more

Exciting times for Canadian farmers

Straight From the Hip: Rising farmland values reflect the solid fundamentals that are driving agriculture forward in this country

Reading Time: 3 minutes There is a lot of excitement in Canadian agriculture today. From the tremendous increase in farmland values to food processing — Canada is a country that has it all! In all my travel, I have never met a person who did not want to live, farm, visit or be educated in Canada. The ultimate destination, […] Read more