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VIEW FROM THE NORTH: Small pond, big ripples

There could be some benefits in some areas, but the 
downsides are many and could seriously disrupt markets

Reading Time: 3 minutes China’s tariffs on American pork and soybeans will have impacts here, although how exactly is an open question. “It affects our producers because our hog prices are set off of the U.S. market,” said provincial pork specialist Ron Gietz after their imposition earlier this month. The tariffs sent American prices plunging, with Canadian prices following […] Read more

VIEW FROM THE SOUTH: Bet on China goes bad

Chinese buying prompted U.S. hog and soybean farmers to ramp up production that’s now looking for a home

Reading Time: 3 minutes Representatives from the largest pork-exporting states in the U.S. happened to find themselves at a Manitoba pork meeting days after China announced it was slapping tariffs on U.S. pork. They were as confused, and worried, as everyone else about what was coming next. “The marketplace is obviously reacting, but it’s important for us to take […] Read more