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This photo from the website of the Agroforestry and Woodlot Extension Society shows willow cuttings being planted in a riparian area.

Get more out of your riparian areas

Workshops offered for assessing the health, benefits, and potential uses of the water on your property

Farmers, ranchers, and acreage owners with a riparian area can learn how to maximize the benefits these areas provide to their operations and surrounding watersheds at a two-day workshop being held at several locations this summer. The workshops will cover how to assess the health, benefits, and potential uses of natural water on a property. […] Read more

There are a lot more choices of trees for your farmyard than you might think, says provincial agroforestry expert Toso Bozic.

Expert offers some tips for planting trees in the fall

Take a look in town for different species that can survive Alberta winters

You can plant trees in spring, but fall planting has its advantages because there is more moisture in the soil and higher humidity. “This gives the root system a better chance to get established so it can be ready to get growing earlier in spring,” said provincial agroforestry specialist Toso Bozic. In early spring, the […] Read more