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Mackenzie County Reeve Bill Neufeld stands in a dried-out field. Every farmer in the region has been hurt by the drought but cattle producers have been especially affected.

Dry doesn’t describe it in Mackenzie County

Almost no rain has fallen across a county that’s bigger than 
New Brunswick — and that’s devastating for the cattle industry

Reading Time: 4 minutes Drought hits everyone hard, but Mackenzie County’s 150 cattle producers have been squeezed harder and earlier than most — and the fallout may be felt for years. Cattleman Eric Jorgensen remembers looking at an agro-climatic map in mid-June that showed the province’s largest county, which at 80,000 square kilometres is larger than New Brunswick, had […] Read more

Anthrax strikes two cattle operations near Fort Vermilion

If an animal dies suddenly on your property, 
do not move it and call a veterinarian for a diagnosis

Reading Time: 2 minutes Anthrax has surfaced in Alberta, killing about 10 cattle on two separate operations in the Fort Vermilion area. This follows the death of two bison that died in North Battleford, Sask. and producers are being warned to be on the lookout for anthrax, due to the hot, dry conditions. The disease is not new to […] Read more