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It’s not fancy, but Spornado will give producers another tool for managing fusarium head blight.

It’s a Spornado! But that’s good news for cereal growers

New tool for detecting disease-causing spores being rolled out across the Prairies

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hold on to your hats — the Spornado is coming. “(The Spornado) is a really good tool that’s been developed over the last couple of years,” said Trevor Blois, disease diagnostician for 20/20 Seed Labs. “It’s just a passive spore catcher that has been used by potato growers in Ontario to detect late blight spores, […] Read more

Keep watch for fusarium graminearum in cereal crops

The fungal disease is established in southern Alberta in areas especially under irrigation

Reading Time: 2 minutes Fusarium graminearum (Fg) is a serious fungal disease, affecting yield and quality. Recent surveys indicate Fg is established in southern Alberta and traces are present in central and northern regions of the province. “When weather conditions are favourable for infection, and in irrigated cropping systems, an in-crop fungicide application may be considered, but only provides […] Read more

Sixteen per cent of samples submitted to 20/20 Seed Labs this crop year are testing positive for fusarium.

Fusarium on the march and wreaking havoc

Once limited to wheat fields in southern Alberta, fusarium head blight is spreading quickly into central Alberta and beyond

Reading Time: 3 minutes A devastating wheat disease is on the rise in Alberta — and spreading quickly. “Over the past few years, (fusarium) has increased considerably, and it’s fairly prominent now,” said Trevor Blois, disease diagnostician with 20/20 Seed Labs. “This year, around 16 per cent of samples that are submitted for a fusarium test in Alberta are […] Read more