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Perennial sow-thistle.

Perennial sow thistle costs farmers across Alberta

Noxious Weeds: Perennial sow thistle causes yield loss and acts as a host for pests

Reading Time: 2 minutes Often found in high densities across Alberta, perennial sow thistle seems to be a noxious weed that doesn’t quit. Not only does this pest cause significant yield loss in many crops, but it’s a host for several plant pests that attack economically important crops such as alfalfa, winter wheat and canola — just to name […] Read more

Assessing the threat from a weed starts with identifying it. For example, whitlow grass (left) isn’t a big threat, but scentless chamomile (right) is, says provincial crop specialist Harry Brook. photos: wiki commons

Know your enemy and its destructive potential, says provincial crop specialist

There’s a critical window for controlling weeds, but it depends on both the crop 
and the threat posed by individual species

Reading Time: 2 minutes All crops have a critical weed control period when they are most susceptible to significant yield loss from weed competition. The critical weed control period for canola is around 17 to 38 days after emergence. Peas can be as early as two weeks after emergence. “Other, more competitive crops, like the cereals, have a less […] Read more

Is there a gardener on your Christmas shopping list?

Is there a gardener on your Christmas shopping list?

The provincial Ag Department has handbooks on gardening, growing native plants, saskatoons, and weeds

Reading Time: < 1 minute Here are some Alberta Agriculture and Forestry publications for the gardener on your shopping list. Alberta Yards and Gardens ($15 plus GST) — an unbiased look at what grows best in Alberta, including ornamental trees and shrubs, small fruits and berries, flowers, vegetables, herbs and even water plants. Weed Seedling Guide ($10 plus GST) — […] Read more