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“Every time someone new tastes it, we get new customers,” says Lorraine Bannister (left), who began growing garlic as a retirement project with husband Kevin.

Growing garlic a tasty retirement project

Reading Time: 3 minutes Lorraine and Kevin Bannister just knew there was something different about the garlic they sampled at a farmers’ market in British Columbia one day 15 years ago. “It was so different from the garlic we got in the store,” said Lorraine Bannister, who operates Garlic Goodness with husband Kevin near Innisfail. “My mom was a […] Read more

Ken Christopher looks at cloves of garlic on a conveyer belt on March 29, 2019 at Christopher Ranch at Gilroy, California, about 40 km southeast of San Jose. (Photo: Reuters/Lucy Nicholson)

U.S. garlic growers profit from trade war as most farmers struggle

Gilroy, California | Reuters — Unlike millions of other U.S. farmers, garlic growers are profiting from the trade war with China and have cheered President Donald Trump’s latest economic attack accordingly. Sales of California-grown garlic are now increasing after decades of losing ground to cheaper Chinese imports. Sales are poised to get even better as […] Read more

White rot is one of the diseases showing up in Alberta garlic crops.

Garlic and onion disease survey underway

Samples across the province have revealed a number of diseases

Reading Time: < 1 minute Over the last several years, a number of issues has been observed in garlic crops in Alberta, with reduced yields, poor storability, and poor performance. Plant and soil samples collected from across the province in the last two years have found a number of diseases, including aster yellows, white rot (sclerotinia), fusarium basal plate rot, […] Read more

parade float with large garlic puppets

Garlic festival a joyous (and odorous) celebration

Andrew festival showcases garlic and celebrates the village’s Ukrainian heritage

Reading Time: 2 minutes For 16 years, residents of the town of Andrew have gathered to celebrate the stinking rose — and every year, more and more visitors join them. “It’s just grown tremendously,” said Carri Hrehorets, president of the Andrew Agricultural Society in the village of 400 located an hour’s drive northeast of Edmonton. “We get about 1,000 […] Read more