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This group of students recently won top prize at an international competition by creating a new type of gene-based fungicide. From left to right are Seme Mate, Andy Hudson, Graeme Glaister, Taylor Luchanski, Rhys Hakstol, Suneet Kharey, Chris Issac and Michelle Kwan.

New gene-based fungicide could combat fusarium

Their method? Target the gene that allows the pathogen to reproduce and ‘knock it down’

A team of University of Lethbridge students has developed a potentially game-changing product that could wipe out a widespread problem for cereal growers — fusarium graminearum. “It’s a really pertinent local issue, but it’s also a global issue, so it expands the potential impact (of our project,)” said Graeme Glaister, a fourth-year neuroscience student at […] Read more