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‘Coexistence plan’ for GM alfalfa released

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Canadian Seed Trade Association has released a “coexistence plan” for GM alfalfa production in Western Canada. “The plan does not advocate for or against the commercialization of GM alfalfa, or favour any one system,” the association stated in a news release. It also doesn’t “consider the potential impact of GM alfalfa hay on the […] Read more

Forage Seed Canada president Heather Kerschbaumer

Forage seed industry wants Western Canada to be a GM alfalfa-free zone

Seed growers say keeping GM alfalfa out of Western Canada would save 
current export markets and open the door to additional sales

Reading Time: 3 minutes Alfalfa seed growers in Alberta could stand to gain a huge market advantage over their neighbours to the south — if the industry can keep GM alfalfa out of Western Canada. “We’ve got access to potential market gains by picking up markets that are possibly going to be lost in the States,” said Heather Kerschbaumer, […] Read more