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Cow and a Calf

Gentec field day slated for Aug. 22

Reading Time: < 1 minute Gentec and Lacombe Research Centre will hold a field day on Aug. 22 at the research station. This year’s event will focus on the interaction between cows, forage, and genomics. Presenters will highlight innovations relating to optimizing cow and forage production. On-pasture presentations include showcasing groups of high- and low-vigour cows and heifers; innovations and […] Read more

backgrounded cattle

Big Data is coming to the cattle business — and that’s a good thing

Reading Time: 2 minutes The future is about collecting and mining data. And beef producers who don’t get on board run the risk of being left behind, says an industry expert. “Information and data gathering will become increasingly important,” said Thomas Lynch-Staunton, Livestock Gentec’s director of industry relations. Lynch-Staunton is involved with what’s called a “life cycle analysis” — […] Read more