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Some soap holes will mound up, which is why some call them mud volcanoes. 

Researchers aim to get a handle on mysterious soap holes

U of Calgary wants to build a database of the odd little bogs of greasy — and often treacherous — mud

Reading Time: 2 minutes Do you have a soap hole on your property? Researchers from the University of Calgary are asking landowners who have one of these “mysterious occurrences of liquified clays” to contact them so they can record their location. Early settlers of Alberta and Saskatchewan found these odd formations of sand, silt, clay, and water and gave […] Read more

When geologists sample sediment, they are increasingly finding evidence of human activity — from radioactive dust to bits of plastic and chunks of concrete. So scientists are now arguing it’s time to formally recognize a new epoch in Earth’s history, the Anthropocene.

Scientists say it’s a new era: the Anthropocene

Researchers say the term — which means the human period — recognizes the
 extent of human-caused change to the planet over the last 60 years

Reading Time: 2 minutes Characterized by the mantra “better living through chemistry,” the time immediately following the Second World War was steeped in a euphoric state of consumption of mass-manufactured materials. Now a new paper argues that this time should be formally recognized as the beginning of a new epoch by calling it the Anthropocene — or human period. […] Read more