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Prarie dog standing next to its hole. These animals native to the grasslands of North America

Don’t ban strychnine yet, says Canadian Cattlemen’s Association

Reading Time: < 1 minute Farmers should still be able to use strychnine to kill ground squirrels until there are “practical and effective alternative controls,” says the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association. Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) is proposing to remove the registration of liquid strychnine use for the control of ground squirrels. The animals not only cause crop losses […] Read more

Richardson ground squirrel

Phase-out of strychnine proposed

Reading Time: < 1 minute Health Canada is proposing to end the use of strychnine for killing ground squirrels. The proposal comes out of a scientific review of the poison, the federal department said. “An evaluation of available scientific information confirmed that there are risks of concern for non-target organisms, including species at risk, for products registered to control ground […] Read more


Little critters causing big problems for Alberta crops

CNS Canada — They may look cute and harmless, but gophers have been wreaking havoc on crops across Alberta. Gophers have been reported causing problems in southern, central and northeastern Alberta for canola crops and pastures, according to the provincial Crop Report. “It’s been dry again this year and that triggered them; it’s been quite […] Read more

Clem T. Go-Fur not only inspired the creation of Torrington’s Gopher Hole Museum, but also led to the hamlet’s fire hydrants — all 11 of them — being painted as cartoonish gopher characters.  Photo: Cindy Phan

Clem to rise again

Since Clem T. Go-Fur was commissioned in 1991, the hamlet has become famous — infamous to some — for its playful dioramas featuring stuffed gophers

Reading Time: 2 minutes There is lingering mourning and a touch of anxiety in the hamlet of Torrington as citizens await the return of the community’s beloved mascot, Clem T. Go-Fur. The cartoonish overall-clad four-metre-tall statue was created in 1991, but has been out of service since last fall after falling off his pedestal. “I was very disappointed. It […] Read more