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Two Lethbridge researchers chosen for mentorship program

Program will give Robert Gruninger and Stacy Singer 
a chance to know the beef industry better

Reading Time: 2 minutes Two scientists from Ag Canada’s Lethbridge research centre and one from the University of Saskatchewan have been chosen for the Beef Cattle Research Council’s mentorship program. The program pairs up-and-coming applied researchers with innovative cattle producers or other industry professionals for a one-year mentorship. It provides researchers with the opportunity to deepen their understanding of […] Read more

Most of the cicer milk vetch in this pasture was established by cattle depositing seed through their manure. Since it takes three days for feed to completely go through a cow’s digestive system, moving these cows to a new paddock will bring seeds to that area.

Let cattle do the seeding

When cattle graze on mature legumes, they will distribute species 
such as cicer milk vetch to areas where there were few or none before

Reading Time: 5 minutes Cattle can be managed to produce calves, beef and milk — but can they also be put to work reseeding pastures? As long as you’re not in a hurry, the answer is ‘yes,’ say producers who have managed beef cows and yearlings so they distribute legume seeds through their manure. There doesn’t appear to be […] Read more

Young graziers need to do more with less, and cover crop cocktail mixes are a way they can do that, says grazier Graeme Finn.

Cocktail cover crops: This ain’t your grandad’s grazing system

Innovative producers, especially younger ones, are looking to cover 
crop cocktail mixes to build soil health and get more production per acre

Reading Time: 4 minutes Nearly 150 people — some from as far away as Manitoba — converged on a farm near Hardisty recently to learn more about cover crop cocktail mixes. But tour organizer Graeme Finn noticed something a little different about the crowd at the event in late August — it was mainly young farmers. “Young people can’t […] Read more