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Why on earth would someone go into a bin with the auger running?

Reader can’t fathom why someone would do that, but safety expert explains it only takes a moment of carelessness

Editor’s note: The questions posed in the letter from Doug Burkard were passed on to Glen Blahey, agricultural health and safety specialist with the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association. Both the letter and response are below. I have just read the article “Trapped in a flash — the horror waiting inside a grain bin.” I was […] Read more

Talk about safety before firing up the auger this harvest season.

Auger accidents happen in a flash

The safety rules are simple, but talking about the dangers and having a buddy system are key

Augers are hazardous, and that’s why safety protocols and talking about the dangers with co-workers are critical. When using an auger, one person should be designated as being in charge of the task, and the equipment should be periodically inspected during operation. While the auger is running: Observe work area restrictions; Keep all safety shields […] Read more