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Storage problems can start almost as soon as grain is loaded into bins.

Keep ‘unpleasant surprises’ out of your grain bins this fall

Don’t neglect the basics when storing grain or oilseeds, 
says provincial crop specialist

Reading Time: 2 minutes A little preparation prior to harvesting can ensure worry-free winter crop storage, says a provincial crop specialist. “Warm or wet conditions at harvest and multi-staged crops are potential ingredients for storage problems,” said Harry Brook. “Take the time to monitor the stored grain’s condition and cool those bins down. Don’t get an unpleasant surprise when […] Read more

Grain meant for long-term storage with higher-than-desired moisture should first go through a grain dryer.

Numbers matter when storing grain, crop expert says

Reading Time: 2 minutes Pay close attention to two critical numbers when storing grain, says Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development crops specialist Mark Cutts. “Temperature and moisture content of the grain are two important factors that influence the length of time grain can be stored without a change in quality,” says Cutts. “In general, as grain temperature and moisture […] Read more