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There’s a worldwide glut of most major grains, but analysts are optimistic that Prairie farmers will see some price improvement this year. This photo shows workers loading soybeans in March for export to China.

Analysts see breaks in the clouds for Alberta producers this year

A global grain glut has been weighing on prices, but wheat, barley, and pulses could go higher — and canola will continue to shine

Reading Time: 3 minutes There’s a global grain glut, but it shouldn’t have a negative effect on Alberta crop producers come fall, say two market analysts. Although it’s early days yet, both were quick to add. “We’re at the stage of the year when there are more questions than answers,” said Chuck Penner of LeftField Commodity Research in Winnipeg. […] Read more

Lower prices and crop quality hammered by poor harvest weather means it will be tough to squeeze out 
a profit this year.

In tough times like these, the goal is averting a disaster

The upcoming Hedging Edge workshop offers producers an 
introduction to options, futures, and hedging

Reading Time: 3 minutes It’s come to this. “It’s all about trying to make it a break-even year or a slight loss year, and prevent it from turning into a disaster year,” said David Derwin, commodities portfolio manager at PI Financial. A miserable harvest has created an abundance of poor-quality crops and with prices down sharply, producers are going […] Read more

Three crop marketing pros share their No. 1 tip

Three crop marketing pros share their No. 1 tip

Reading Time: 3 minutes We asked the Hedging Edge experts for their No. 1 marketing tip for this fall. Here’s what they had to say. Neil Blue Provincial crop market analyst “My No. 1 tip — and this isn’t an earth-shaking one — is shop around. That means knowing your product first — getting a grade from potential buyers, […] Read more

The view from John Guelly’s swather on Aug. 31 is a scary sight — standing water in his canola crop left over from a late-season rain storm on Aug. 22.

The challenge ahead: Getting a decent price for downgraded crops

Discounts for lower grades are widening, and working the phones with grain buyers is crucial if you have good quality

Reading Time: 5 minutes The rain started falling in the middle of the night on Aug. 22, dumping two inches of water on John Guelly’s mature crops in less than 12 hours. And then the storm started. “I thought we had the worst of it, and then it ratcheted itself up. We ended up getting almost seven inches in […] Read more

Wheat seeds spilling from hand, close-up

Get the grade and make more money when marketing your grain

The Canadian Grain Commission will grade samples 
for free — with even the postage paid for

Reading Time: 2 minutes Know exactly what’s in your bins before selling your grain. “One of the things that we can’t emphasize strongly enough is that farmers really should be getting good independent third-party samples of their grain,” said Jonathon Driedger, senior market analyst with FarmLink. “Then you know exactly what you have. You have a sample sheet that […] Read more

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Cargill posts net profit on special gains; revenue down

Reuters — Global commodity trader Cargill on Wednesday said it turned in a quarterly net profit, boosted by special gains that offset poor results from trading and oilseed processing. Revenue for the privately held company declined for the eighth straight quarter. Minnesota-based Cargill reported net income of $15 million for the fourth quarter ended May […] Read more

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Lower feed costs weigh on supply-managed goods

CNS Canada –– Relatively soft feed grain prices over the past year mean producers of supply-managed commodities, such as milk and eggs, have also received lower prices for their products. Such is the interpretation of industry participants accounting for declines in the latest Farm Price Index data released by Statistics Canada. The livestock and animal […] Read more

What does your grain sell for at port?

What does your grain sell for at port?

When grain gridlock hit two years ago, the gap between the elevator and port price appears to have skyrocketed — and cost farmers billions

Reading Time: 4 minutes The jury’s still out on whether knowing the price of export grain relative to local cash prices will help producers get better prices. But the Alberta Wheat Commission intends to find out. “The port price would provide an indication of whether the system is constrained or functioning efficiently,” said Tom Steve, the commission’s general manager. […] Read more

farm fields

The sizzling market for farmland may be ready to take a breather

Alberta land prices are still heading up, but double-digit 
annual rises appear to be over for now

Reading Time: 3 minutes The red-hot market for farmland is showing signs of cooling off. “The more recent sales are still showing some increase, but the increases aren’t what they have been previously,” said Dave Weber, an appraiser with Serecon, an agricultural consulting company. Alberta farmland values were increasing about one per cent a month during 2011 and 2012, […] Read more

Website to shine a light on grain prices

Website to shine a light on grain prices

Data updated on a daily basis for eight zones across the Prairies

Reading Time: 3 minutes Don’t know if your local elevator is offering a good price or not? There’s an app for that. Or at least there will be once is fully up and running. The new website, created by the Alberta Wheat Commission with $743,000 in federal funding, aims to give farmers timely and accurate pricing data for […] Read more