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China to subsidize grain transportation, storage

Beijing | Reuters — China plans to subsidize grain transportation and storage facilities in the latest push by Beijing to modernize the world’s largest agriculture sector. Beijing will subsidize projects upgrading or building facilities to load and receive grains along main railways and ports for major waterways including the Yangtze and Pearl rivers, a document […] Read more

Wheat storage a winner, says analyst

Winnipeg | CNS – As yields grow throughout North America and the physical size of the crop becomes larger, farmers who invest in storage bins now, stand to reap the rewards later. “Guys with space are winning,” said Kurt Ahrens, founder of Grainbot in Omaha, Nebraska. Speaking at the Grain World Conference in Winnipeg, he […] Read more

CHS sells stake in Bridgeland input venture to UFA

On the heels of its move to sell its wholly-owned crop input stores in Alberta and Saskatchewan, U.S. ag co-operative CHS is selling its remaining Alberta ag retail asset. Alberta farmer co-op UFA (United Farmers of Alberta) announced Tuesday it’s buying CHS’s interest in the two firms’ joint ag retail venture, Bridgeland Limited Partnership, for […] Read more

A lot can go wrong in the bin, particularly with canola, which can be “quite volatile” in storage, says the Canola Council of Canada.

Proper grain storage pays off

Getting grain to proper temperature and moisture levels is just the first step — constant monitoring is also vital

A grain producer’s hard work doesn’t end at harvest. “A tremendous amount of work goes into getting that crop to the point where you can actually put it in storage,” said Brent Elliott, infestation control and sanitation officer at the Canadian Grain Commission. “And once they’ve put it in storage, the common thought is, ‘OK, […] Read more

Making sense of today’s grain storage options

There are more options for grain storage today than ever before, but which ones are best for your farm?

Today’s grain storage is not like yesterday’s grain storage. Not only are farms generally bigger, necessitating higher capacity for on-farm storage, but storage also plays a crucial role in crop producers’ marketing strategies. It can also be expensive. According to provincial government data, grain bin prices have increased from $2.50 per bushel in 2004 to […] Read more

Frequently asked questions about grain storage

What is dry grain, how long can you store your crops, 
and will grasshoppers increase moisture levels?

 How much drying will I get with aeration? Some drying can occur in aeration systems, but generally, grain going into aeration bins should be within one per cent of being dry enough for long-term storage.  Should I turn my aeration off at night or during rainy days when the air is cool and humid? Since […] Read more

Lack of grain storage seen as record Russian crop looms

Moscow | Reuters — Russia is facing a lack of grain storage as it remains on track to produce the largest cereals crop in post-Soviet history, the head of Russia’s Grain Union, a non-government farmers’ lobby group, said Tuesday. Arkady Zlochevsky, the head of the union, told a briefing in Moscow he expected a grain […] Read more

Three ways producers can better manage stored grain

Invest in monitoring, learn the three basic principles of drying, and clean out those bins before harvest

When farmers look at their full grain bins they are essentially looking at thousands of dollars in investment. The last thing any producer wants is to lose any part of that investment before it even leaves the farm, but that’s exactly what happens every year due to overheating and spoilage. There are three basic things […] Read more

Richardson books record port handle during expansion

Prairie grain firm Richardson International has wrapped up construction of a major new expansion at its Port Metro Vancouver export terminal and reported a record grain handle for the year while doing so. The Winnipeg company on Tuesday reported its North Vancouver terminal shipped 5.2 million tonnes of grain and oilseeds in 2015, which it […] Read more

Bins are a big investment and producers need to do their homework to make sure they’re the right choice.

Do the math on bins versus baggers

Bin prices have jumped sharply in the past decade, but producers 
need to carefully evaluate the pros and cons of grain bags

Recent record yields and transportation backlogs have increased interest in on-farm storage options. “There are many different storage options available, either temporary or permanent,” said Todd Bergen-Henengouwen, project assistant with Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development. “The two most popular options are steel grain bins (either corrugated or smooth walled with or without hoppers) and grain […] Read more