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Farmers once again railing against slow grain movement

Slow grain movement this winter is bringing back bad memories for many

Despite recent improvements to rail transportation in Canada, farmers are still forced to rely on a largely unreliable system. “Rail is the backbone of the economy, but it’s also the Achilles heel,” said Mark Hemmes, president of Quorum Corporation. The 2016-17 crop year was one for the books. Despite a slow start, the system set […] Read more

The Alberta Wheat Commission says Ottawa needs to address the “imbalance of market power” between railways and grain shippers.

Wheat commission wants rail transport changes

The farm group says reciprocal penalties, a revenue cap, and more interswitching are needed 
to level the playing field in grain transportation

The Alberta Wheat Commission is calling on Ottawa to make reciprocal penalties part of any changes to the Canada Transportation Act. In a submission to Transport Minister Marc Garneau, the commission urges the government to implement a model that would provide shippers the ability to negotiate penalties and contract terms equal to those that are […] Read more

Rail transport still needs fixing, says farm leader

Farm Vote: Mike Ammeter says Ottawa needs to fix broken system

A poor crop means rail transport might not be an issue for grain growers this year but “the challenge is still there,” says the chair of Alberta Barley. “What we went through a couple of years ago, with not being able to get our product off the Prairies to port and to our customers, was […] Read more